Indonesia Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT - GT)

นายธวัชชัย เฮงประเสริฐ
นายธวัชชัย เฮงประเสริฐ
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IMT-GT : Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle

Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) idea was initiated by former Prime Minister of Malaysia, H.E. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. In 1993, the former President of Indonesia, H.E. Suharto, Prime Minister of Thailand, H.E. Chuan Leekpai and HE. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad was endorsed the formalisation of IMT-GT in Langkawi, Malaysia.
IMT-GT provides a sub-regional framework for accelerating economic cooperation and integration of the member states and provinces in the three countries.
The IMT-GT promotes private-sector led economic growth and facilitates the development of the sub-region as a whole by exploiting the underlying complementarities and comparative advantages of the member countries.
Mission & Vision
IMT-GT envisions a seamless, progressive, prosperous and peaceful subregion with improved quality of life.
Working Group
The seven strategic pillars denote the key focus areas that are expected to produce the most significant economic and social impact on the IMT-GT subregion. These pillars are divided into three Lead Focus Areas that are supported by four Enablers.
The Lead Focus Areas comprise the Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry, Tourism, and Halal Products and Services Pillars. It is intended that they will spearhead IMT-GT cooperation and integration for the next two decades. These lead focus areas were selected based on careful evaluation of the comparative and competitive advantage of the subregion.
The four Enablers will support the Lead Focus Areas and comprise the Transport and ICT Connectivity, Trade and Investment Facilitation, Environment, and Human Resource Development, Education and Culture Pillars.